Article on Population Explosion

You are Neha Aggarwal of class XI of Roop Lal Sr. Secondary School, Saharanpur. You genuinely feel that the real cause of India’s backwardness lies in its inability to control the population explosion. Write an article for your school magazine describing the causes of this population explosion and the various steps needed to check the growth.

Population Explosion

By Neha Aggarwal

Many smaller nations of Asia have overtaken India in industrial and economic growth in the last fifty years. However, no one, not even China, can beat us in the population growth. We produce ‘An Australia’ every year. This alarming rate of population growth is termed as ‘population explosion’. We are a nation of over 120 crore people. We have to feed 120 crore mouths and provide shelter and cloth to them.

The reasons for the population explosion are many. Better medical facilities and control over epidemics have made life safer and longer. Deaths by disease, famine or foods have been checked to the minimum.

A foolproof and scientific campaign of family planning is the need of the hour. The central/state governments and the voluntary organizations should launch a vigorous campaign to educate the masses of the dangers of over population.

More birth means more people. More people means more unemployment and more problems of food, shelter and clothing. We must learn from China which freezed its population growth by adopting ‘one family-one child’ programme. Those who produce more than two children should be heavily taxed or fined. They should be debarred from all social benefits and from contesting elections for the legislatures and the Parliament.

It is only when we control the population of the country, we can think about walking the path of development.

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