Article on Private Cars or Public Transport

The number of cars that a country produces every year is one way of measuring its prosperity. At the same time what the vehicles lead to are traffic jams, air pollution, road rage, an unhealthy competition in the middle class to own more and newer cars. What are your views on the issue — Private cars or Public transport? Describe them in an article in 150-200 words.

Private Cars or Public Transport

by Rahul

Commuting from one place to another is an issue of major concern these days. Everybody is in a hurry so, anyone driving a vehicle is looking for a way that would keep them out of traffic and ahead of others. There are those who only prefer to commute in private vehicles. There are also those who find public transport more convenient, even though they own multiple private cars or two wheelers.

Whether to opt for public transport or private cars as an ideal mode of transportation is a forever on going debate.

Both private and public vehicles have their pros and cons. Both prove to be advantageous and disadvantageous at one point or other. Let’s consider them:

Private cars are faster, public transports, not so much. While commuting in private cars, one does not have to stop multiple times. Public transports stop more often than not either to pick up passengers or while away the time. The one driving the private car can also opt for the shortest route possible (unlike public transports) to reach the destination. Hence, one advantage of opting for private cars is they save a lot of time.

Come to think of it, public transports save fuel and money. Private cars consume a lot of petrol/ gas, the price of which hikes every other day. Unfortunately, if the private car breaks down or does not feel like working, it’s the public transport, which comes to the rescue. Although private cars make us feel independent when it comes to travelling needs, using public transport can really help bring down the pollution.

When one has to choose between public or private transport, it is about making smarter choices. Many public transports, such as AC buses, cabs, metro rails, etc. have been made available on the road just for the convenience of the daily commuter. Compared to private cars, they are equally comfortable and fast. Yet, if one prefers private cars for everyday commute, then one must consider carpooling. It saves money, fuel and does not add much to one’s Carbon Footprint.

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