Article on Problems of Having Extra Classes After School Hours

Write an article on the problems of having extra classes after school hours in 100-150 words. You are Manoj/Maya.

Problems of Having Extra Classes After School Hours

Now a days, conducting extra classes after school hours is a common feature in school irrespective of the medium or the board it is affiliated to. Students don’t have a choice but attend them because a good chunk of the course is completed during these extra hours. Moreover, absentees are punished.

We have continuous extra classes in the high school. Sometimes, we juggle between the breaks to complete the work. We are hardly left with any mental and physical stamina to sit for an extra hour at home. Concentrating in the lesson becomes impossible. Often we also fail to complete the homework and project work. Timely intake of food and water and a good sleep are disrupted. Students fall sick due to mental and physical exhaustion.

Many of us learn various art forms or activities in the evening. We are again left with no choice but to stop attending these rejuvenating classes due to the extra classes. It disappoints us and besets a counterproductive effect: we lose interest in studies. The schools start thinking from the students’ point of view. Teaching and learning should be done in such a way that it boosts students’ interest not ire.

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