Article on Rising Prices of Food Articles

Prices of food articles are increasing day-by-day and there is a wide gap between the wholesale prices and retail prices. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Rising Prices’ and give suggestions on how to control them.

Rising Prices


Inflation is one of the major problems of the common man with the prices of commodities of daily use soaring high. And the worst thing is when food items get dearer, one is compelled to stretch oneself beyond one’s capacity to provide the necessities to one’s family.

In such circumstances the poor continue in their state of poverty but the repercussions on the middle class are high in the form of using up of their meagre savings or even incurring debts.

Inflation of food prices directly impacts the quality of nutrition available and hence the health of the human resource of the nation with a major chunk of the family income, being used up to run the kitchen. There is a severe cut down on the fund available for other important functions like the education of the children.

The government’s efforts of opening ration shops or fair price shops are grossly inadequate because the quality of grains available there is unfit for consumption and even those below the poverty line prefer not to access them. In such a scenario, substantial work needs to be done by the authorities in making food affordable and reducing the taxes on the basic necessities to bring down the contrast between the wholesale and retail prices. As for the common man; he can do his bit by avoiding wastage. Every grain, every speck of food needs to be valued!

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