Article on Road Safety

Roads in our cities are fast turning into death traps, Eight out of ten road accidents are caused by people who don’t follow rules of the road. Write an article in 100 – 150 words on the topic, ‘Road Safety’. You are Ramesh/Rita.

Road Safety

With an increasing number of vehicles on the roads, commuters violating the traffic rules are also increasing. In a hurry to reach their destination, commuters don’t think twice before neglecting the red light or turning a deaf ear to the appeals by the traffic cops to follow the road safety rules. 

Road safety rules are meant for public safety and to keep the traffic congestion in check. Eight out of ten road accidents are caused by the people who don’t follow rules of the road. Walking along the road side or driving on a busy road is as dangerous as falling into a death trap these days.

Wearing a helmet, seat-belt, slowing down near a school or keeping left are some of the basic habits that a commuter is expected to follow while driving or riding on the road but to no avail. It is convenient to ignore them and focus on your destination putting the lives of others in danger. 

Travellers should, however, realise that change cannot be brought by a single person. We should join hands together and vow to follow the traffic rules. Abiding by the traffic rules will only help us in having a smooth traffic flow and prevent road accidents.

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