Article on Role of Police in Maintaining Law and Order in Cities

With the rising number of people in almost all the big cities of the country, the rate of crime has also increased proportionately. The police needs to be trained in new methodology of combating the crime besides changing its mindset. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘The role of police in maintaining law and order in the metropolitan cities’.

Role of Police in Maintaining Law and Order

by Rohan

With the constant growth and expansion of cities, population is also on a rise. However, there are not enough educational institutions and job opportunities, which can provide proper education and good employment opportunity to all.

Lack of education, job and money has led to an increase in the crime rate. Committing crime is a source of easy money. Criminals do not fear the police knowing that they can either fool the police or bribe them. On the other hand, the victims believe that the police cannot help them as they are equally corrupt.

The police plays an important role in maintaining law and order. Therefore, this mind set has to be changed. The police must adopt new methodology. They must adopt advanced technology to fight crime so that the criminal is put behind the bars in no time.

However, first the police academy must recruit officers based on merit. Immediate action must be taken against corrupt officers so that others learn not to give and receive bribe.

Government must ensure that working conditions for the officers are made better. They should be provided with properly functioning arms and ammunition, well equipped mobile vans, etc. so that nabbing criminals is easier than usual. Also, there should be several quick-response teams in every area, patrolling on two wheeler.

Continuous workshops must be conducted to keep the officers motivated and also to train them in better combating techniques.

Once the police become more active and vigilant, crime in metropolitan cities will also reduce.

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