Article on Role of Public and Police in Curbing the Crime Against Women

You feel disturbed when you read in the newspapers about rising incidence of crime against women. This is particularly so in the metropolitan cities. Write an article in 150- 200 words on ‘Role of Public and Police in Curbing the Crime Against Women’. You are Karuna/ Karan.

Role of Public and Police in Curbing the Crime Against Women

by Karuna

It is shocking and heartbreaking to see that the crime against women is constantly on the rise that too in a country like India, which is personified as the Nation ‘Mother’. There was a time when the society treated women with respect and honour.

A nation, which worships goddesses for being an embodiment of ‘Shakti’ the Universal Power, is also known all over the world for being dangerous for women. Crime against women is committed everywhere, be it villages, towns or cities. However, metropolitan cities come under scrutiny because crime here gets reported.

More often then not, in a crime against women case while the perpetrator is dealt with leniency, the victim is subjected to humiliation, adding to her mental and physical trauma. Media too sensationalises the news and presents it in a way that the graveness of the situation gets ignored.

Besides implementing stricter laws against the perpetrators, making the roads safe for women and having more active helpline numbers individuals and the society must change their mindsets. They must further spread awareness on all types of crime against women. The more people will become aware, the more they will intervene when necessary.

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