Article on Role of Student in Teacher’s Life

Write an article on the role students play in a teacher’s life in 100-150 words. You are Ajay/Anju.

Role of a Student in Teacher’s Life

Students influence a teacher’s life at both personal and professional level. Technically, a teacher changes or modifies his or her method of teaching according to the character and needs of the students. Personally, a change in the way a teacher looks at life and its various facets can be attributed to the students.

When a student talks with the same charming smile to a teacher who had punished him or her the previous day, the teacher is compelled to think over it. It is a common revelation that interaction with students help teachers overcome their day-to-day problems and sadness. Teachers feel happy and energised, ready to take on life again. The relationship of a teacher and his or her students thrives on the mutual readiness to learn from each other. The relationship becomes mechanical when this readiness dies.

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