Article on Role of Students in Eradicating Illiteracy

According to 2011 census, literacy rate of hundred percent or around has been achieved by only a couple of states in India. Illiteracy is found mostly among the old and the deprived sections of society. What can the youth do to spread literacy in society? Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Role of students in eradicating illiteracy.’ You are Karuna/Karan.

Role of Students in Eradicating Illiteracy

by Karan

In a developing country like India, about half of its population is illiterate. Although India produces the best doctors and engineers in the world, it still remains an educationally backward nation. Most of the people living in villages are illiterates. They can’t read or write. Economic backwardness, ignorance as well as lack of opportunities have deprived them of literacy and knowledge.

Education makes a man enlightened and eligible and helps him to prosper physically, economically and spiritually. Illiteracy is a real handicap in the progress of a democratic society. Politicians and middlemen take advantage of these simple people by misguiding them with false promises illiteracy is the main cause of their exploitation.

Students, the builders of the nation, can play an effective role in removing the curse of illiteracy. Following the motto, ‘Each One, Teach One’ they can organise classes in groups. Students can also devote time to teach illiterates during vacation. They can light the lamp of literacy in the lives of underprivileged by seeking help from National Literacy Mission, NGOs and education institutes. Government should support the efforts of students as well as NGOs who work for this cause. A continuous follow up is extremely necessary to eradicate illiteracy from the roots.

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