Article on Role of the Teacher in Society

Role of the Teacher in Society

by Dhruv

Teachers are like candles who melt themselves to brighten our future. Behind the success of every doctor, scientist, artist, singer, professional, etc. is a teacher. Besides our parents, the persons who motivate us, guide us, teach us are none other than our teachers.

They have a major contribution to society’s development and upliftment. They teach us the right values of life and the difference between right and wrong. If there were no teachers, then who would teach us and make us eligible to walk on the right path.

Teachers have a different outlook compared to other persons. They have the ability to make others realise the pros and cons of anything. Teachers, especially in India, are in the place of God and the place where they teach is a temple. Today, we all are celebrating Teacher’s Day and giving respect to our president Dr R. Radhakrishnan who was also a renowned teacher. 5th September is just not an ordinal date, we show our respect and love to our teachers. We are just the soil and they convert us into beautiful pots.

Thus, the teachers make us realize the best of our abilities. Obviously, when we are guided and taught by good teachers, we become good human beings and contribute to society. This ultimately leads to the development and growth of society.

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