Article on Safe Eating – An Ideal Lifestyle

With lifestyle diseases so rampant today, it is time to turn our attention to clean and safe eating practices. As Usha/Ulhas of Express Today, write an article on ‘Safe eating–an ideal lifestyle‘.

Article on Safe Eating – An Ideal Lifestyle

By Usha

Eating is important and essential. However excess or lack of eating is dangerous. In fact, eating is not a natural instinct but a skill that needs to be taught and changed according to the age and body mass of the individuals. Healthy eating is a way of life and its importance cannot be isolated from everyday reality.

At the same time, this is the responsibility of the schools to instruct and provide healthy food to the students. Interventions targeted at healthy eating need to occur from early childhood and adolescence in order to prevent or reverse the adverse effects of overweight or poor eating habits.

It is now up to the schools to take the matter in hand. Schools are the ones who influence the students the most as they are nearest to the child. They have to contribute directly to the study of healthy eating. And I am sure that if students learn the habit of safe eating, they will lead an ideal life style.

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