Article on Save Nature, Save Mankind

Write an article on the topic “Save Nature, Save Mankind” with the help of the following value points in about 100-150 words.

  • Increased human population
  • Decreased forest area
  • Extinction of wild animals reasons being
  • encroaching, poaching
  • Loss of habitat
  • Break in food chains

Save Nature, Save Mankind

The delicate balance of Nature has been disturbed due to increased population of human beings. The activities of mankind have led to decrease in the green cover comprising forest land. This has resulted in many wild animals getting extinct or reaching the brink of extinction.

Increased population results in clearing of forest lands. Encroaching is done for farming, leading to decrease in living space for wild animals. Poaching for skins, rhino horns, elephant turks, has led to a decrease in their numbers.

Not only has the loss of habitat played havoc but the greed for animal products has caused the dwindling of the species of tigers, rhinoceros, crocodile and many of the birds. This has adversely affected the food chains.

There is an urgent need for afforestation and strict implementation of forest laws. More wildlife sanctuaries are needed to protect the forest land. More voluntary agencies need to be active and work for Gandhiji’s message ‘Nature has enough for men’s need but not for men’s greed.’

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