Article on Say No to Plastics

Write an article on ‘Say no to plastics’ in about 150-200 words.

Say No to Plastics

By Rahul

Everyone today is quite aware of the non-biodegradable nature of the plastics or polythene bags. People find them very convenient so they are used in abundance. But everyone should realise the negative impact that they are having on our environment. They are causing havoc to it. It is an essential duty of each and every citizen of the country to make the environment clean and a healthy place to live in.

Keeping pace with the prime motive, the foremost duty of everyone is to say ‘no’ to these bags. Everyone must be made aware of the hazardous ill-effects of polythene bags in polluting our environment.

The use of these polythene or plastics should be discontinued permanently. Instead of plastic bags, cloth bags or jute bags should be used. Using paper bags or cardboard boxes, where possible, is the best option. It is a must to save our environment from being contaminated further.

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