Article on Teaching Art and Music in School

Write an article for the school magazine emphasizing the need for art and music to be taught in schools. Mention how the study of art and music helps in the better emotional development of students in shaping their personalities.

Importance of teaching art and music in schools


In today’s paced life where everyone is running around to fulfill their dreams, students are not behind. The increasing competition to reach their goals has made stress an integral part of their life. A good way of dealing with stress is art and music.

With the number of hours being spend in the school increasing, it becomes imperative that art and music be taught in the schools. Art and music help students relax after the hectic academic schedule. It is also a known fact that community singing in the morning gives a good start to the day.

Moreover art enhances the creativity and imagination of students. The students also get a chance to express their thoughts and feelings through art. Music boosts the confidence of students and helps them fight stage fright.

Also, Art and Music are a popular option for career choices these days. Teaching of art and music in schools will help them in shaping their career in these fields. It also helps one to give next to one’s emotions.

In a multicultural society like ours, art and music serve as a unifying force and cuts across cultures. Art and music have no language and help in uniting people towards the common goal. It gives peace of mind and soul. Therefore, teaching art and music should be made compulsory in schools.

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