Article on the Importance of Clean Surroundings

Cleanliness is one’s precious possession. It is next to Godliness. As we worship God, in the same way, it is our utmost duty to keep our surroundings clean and ultimately create good hygienic conditions in the country.

Seeing its importance, ‘Clean India’ is the mission of the government, i.e., to present the beautiful picture of the country to the world.

Cleanliness means keeping one’s body, mind, dress and surroundings clean. A person who wears dirty clothes, keeps his house dirty and makes the surroundings unhygienic will soon lose his health and also make others fall ill.

Disease germs breed, grow and multiply in the dirty surroundings. Contagious diseases are caused due to dirty surroundings and dirty people.

As regular washing of body and clothes is important for our health, regular cleaning of environment is important for a nation’s health because clean environment is the prior condition of a healthy society and healthy country.

The basic requirement of creating clean surroundings is to make it pollution fee. So it is the moral duty of every person to work for the cause by not littering here and there, planting more trees and by keeping the place free of industrial waste and garbage.

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