Article on the Importance of Education in Personality Development

Everybody wants a good personality but it can’t be made in an eye’s blink. It needs time, patience and hardwork. You need to nourish yourself, physically and mentally. You need to put in positivity in your mind. To get all these things done, there is a major instrument, i.e., education.

Education is necessary for a person’s physical, mental and social development. It shapes his personality as well as develops discipline in his life.

To develop personality a person needs knowledge. He also needs experiences and opportunities. He needs to be disciplined. When he will mix in all these, the magic portion of his personality will be developed. And for getting all these, he needs to get education first. Without education, it is next to impossible to achieve all that.

Professional and vocational education imparts skill in the person and a skillful person becomes confident. Through co-curricular activities, moral and ethical values are incorporated in the students which are the utmost need of the present time.

Education teaches him good manners and hence develops his personality to be a responsible and productive citizen.

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