Article on the Importance of Good Health

‘A sound mind lives in a sound body’ and ‘Health is wealth’ are well known sayings, emphasizing on the importance of good health. The health of body is very essential for success in life. An unhealthy man is always weak, sad, gloomy and confident. No matter how much we work or how much we earn if we lose health, we lose everything. So we should keep healthy habits.

Healthy habits should be inculcated in a child, right from the early childhood because a healthy child develops into a healthy adult. And only a healthy citizen can take the nation ahead in the race of development. A sick person cannot even think positively. So for the economic development and spiritual upliftment of nation, health is the most important asset.

We can keep a good health by exercising and eating healthy food. Healthy eating is not only important for our diet, it’s also important as part of our personal well being. Eating healthy can improve our physical fitness, allow us to feel better about ourself and do wonders for our health. Healthy eating doesn’t mean that we have to follow a strict diet or give up foods we love, we just need to balance the amount of types of foods we eat to obtain all the necessary nutrients.

We should avoid unhygienic street food and fast food as it can lead to many health disorders and will ultimately lead to health problems. So, to stay fit and healthy, we shouldn’t follow sedentary lifestyle; instead we should always be physically active and eat balanced diet to increase the efficiency of our body as well as that of our mind.

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