Article on the Importance of Outdoor Games in the Life of a Teenager

Importance of Outdoor Games in the Life of a Teenager

By Ravi

Nowadays, most of the teenagers remain busy in TV and computer games. They hardly involve themselves in any sort of physical activity. As a result, they become obese, anemic and diabetic. Physical exercise is the only way to keep them safe from these ailments.

For teenagers there can be no better exercise than they can get through outdoor games. By playing with their friends in open, they not only keep healthy but also learn many good habits. They can develop a sense of brotherhood, friendship, equality, justice, fair play, sportsmanship, patience, tolerance and co-operation.

We find that these days teenagers are becoming more sell-willed, adamant, violent, undisciplined and irritable. It is only because they remain isolated from the youngsters of their age and never learn the basics of co-existence, patience and tolerance. The never understand how to behave in a family, group and society.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to make sports compulsory for students of every age.

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