Article on Tourism in India

India is a tourists’ paradise. But we have not really exploited our tourism possibilities. Write an article in 125-150 words on ‘Tourism in India’. You are Ravi/Rani

Tourism in India

by Rahul

India is known for its rich flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes, glorious past and varied cultural trends. All this makes India a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. However, tourism in India has been constantly suffering setbacks due to the various inefficiencies in its tourism industry.

Bad and filthy roads, rickety buses, overpriced taxis and delayed trains make travelling a nightmare in India. Moreover, the absence of decent and hygienic accommodations at a reasonable cost adds to the distraction of tourists visiting India.

Besides, unsuspecting tourists are often exploited by guides, tour, tourist operators, etc. Foreign tourists become victims of theft, kidnapping, etc. which not only ruins their trip, but also ruins the reputation of the country. The growing menace of terrorism is a huge deterrent for tourists.

The government of India needs to put concerted efforts in place to revamp tourism in the country. Utmost emphasis should be given to infrastructure development and in beefing up the security. Such efforts will certainly make India a leader in the world of tourism.

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