Article on Traffic Jams

Traffic jams, accidents and rash driving are a common sight in metro cities. You are Aryan/Aanchal, captain of Tagore House of your school. Write an article, in 100-120 words, on ‘Traffic Jams’, highlighting the hectic life of modern society, increase in the number of vehicles, modernisation leading to a rise in demand for vehicles, the cause of accidents.

Traffic Jams

By Aryan

Traffic jams are a regular phenomenon on the roads when one is stuck amidst a sea of vehicles, advancing inch by inch as the whole lot proceeds and the implications in terms of time cannot be forestated, for it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours for the traffic to clear up. It is one of the most dreaded events by the commuters, for the consequences may range from being late for a movie to missing an international flight or missing an important appointment or a job interview.

The causes too are varied–the major being an enormous increase in the number of vehicles on the road without the corresponding improvement of the infrastructure. Lack of coordination among the drivers is also, quite often a reason, because in a hurry to get to their destinations, they land up getting in each other’ way.

The solution to the problem can be sought by building bridges to cross connect the roads and lessen the burden on the present routes, but being an expensive and time consuming alternative, it may not be feasible everytime. Traffic signals serve an important purpose in organising progress of the vehicles and should be followed where present and installed where absent.

In any case, traffic jams are a manifestation of the chaotic life styles and hectic routines. Therefore, controlling the latter aspects will automatically reduce the extent of the former.

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