Article on Vehicles Causing Pollution and Traffic Jams

Increase in the number of vehicles causes pollution and traffic jams. Write an article in 150-200 words for The New Indian Express, Delhi, highlighting the urgent need to solve these man-made problems, giving suitable suggestions.

Pollution and Traffic Jam

by Rahul

Science has been a great advantage to the human life. It has created wonders by inventing miraculous things. In the beginning of the civilisation, the movement of man was very slow. But first the invention of wheel and then the engine, changed life. The inventions continued and gradually came a variety of vehicles, which brought comfort to those travelling by them. However, they also brought traffic jams and pollution.

Day by day the number of vehicles is increasing, and so is pollution and traffic jam. Roads are becoming narrower and cars are becoming bigger. It takes hours to cover one kilometer because of heavy traffic jam.

Smoke emission from vehicles is causing a great danger to people and the environment. Air pollution is a source of many aggravated cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including asthma, lung diseases, lung cancer, etc. However, no one cares much for this.

There is an urgent need to pay attention to these problems and solve them. Being responsible citizens, one must take the initiative and find ways to improve the situation. The market places must be decongested so that traffic movement is smooth and convenient for all. Pollution checks must be made compulsory for all vehicles to keep pollution under control.

Stricter laws should be made and heavy penalty must be imposed for not adhering to rules. Alternatively, if public transport system is improved, people would not feel the need to travel by private vehicles, thus reducing the pollution. However, those travelling by car, should choose to carpool and contribute to save the Earth from global warming.

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