Article on What I Want to Be in Life

Every teenager has a dream to achieve something in life. What they are going to become tomorrow depends on what our youth dream today. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘What I want to be in life’. You are Simranjit/Smita.

What I Want to Be in Life

By Smita

Ten years down the line, we will be reading books and admiring the people associated with them. I developed a habit of reading books and as a result, I happened to read about Kalpana Chawla, a girl from a small town, who touched the skies. In her message to the college students of Chandigarh, she said that it is always neccessary to realise one’s dream. One could get success provided he had the vision and the courage.

This germinated the seed of dream in my mind and I also aspired to soar high and achieve something big. Her struggles and achievements gave me courage to nurture my dream. I want to go into the fashion industry. I doubt whether my parents would approve my idea or not. But I have decided not to give up on my dream for any wrong reasons. I enjoy watching fashion shows and designing clothes. I am also very good at fine arts. It is my passion. I visualise myself as the most successful fashion designer in the future, designing dresses for the biggest celebrities. So, I will work hard to achieve it.

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