Article The Importance of Books in Our Life

You are Sapna/Swapnil. You are pained to see that the students do not go to the library for reading books. They enjoy watching movies and other programmes on computers. Write an article in 100-150 words on ‘The Importance of Books’ in our life.

The Importance of Books

By: Swapnil

Books are man’s best friend. The wise, old people have always said so. The current generation does not seem to believe this and has stopped reading books and going to libraries. They waste their time in other useless activities which are detrimental to their health which includes watching TV for long hours. They not only spoil their health and weaken their eyesight but also waste a lot of time. While on the contrary, if a person develops the habit of reading, he would not only utilise his time productively but would also learn a lot by this habit. Reading broadens the horizons of a person’s mind and develops a thirst to learn more. Another wasteful habit is to play games on computers which is again detrimental to a person’s behaviour and can even make you aggressive. On the other hand, reading has no such negative traits, therefore, books are definitely important for our life.

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