Beauty – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. How will you define beauty?

Ans. Beauty is a feeling of great pleasure in heart on seeing something beautiful.

Q. Can beauty have different moods? Illustrate with an example.

Ans. Yes, sunlight is very beautiful during winter season, but during summer season, everybody tries to avoid it.

Q. Explain how can you see beauty?

Ans. Beauty is visible in everything around us—the beautiful sunshine, the trees, birds, the corn growing in the fields and also to see people dancing happily for their harvest.

Q. Explain how can you ‘hear’ beauty?

Ans. Beauty can be ‘heard’ in the whistling sound of wind and the sound of the falling rain drops. You can also ‘hear’ beauty in the gurgling of a flowing river and the rustling of leaves.

Q. What according to you is ‘beauty’?

Ans. ‘Beauty’ is a feeling of the heart, produced when you admire something beautiful.

Q. What does the poet mean by ‘wind sighing’?

Ans. ‘Sigh’ means taking a long, loud breath. When the wind blows, it appears to be making this sound. The poet has personified the wind.

Q. Why does the poet say that beauty is with in yourself?

Ans. The poet says that there is beauty within yourself, in your deeds that are good and if your thoughts are happy.

Q. What is the difference in the beauty of an object in different times?

Ans. There is a lot of difference in the beauty of an object in different times as everyone feels pleasure in the sunlight during winter but it becomes extremely hot and unpleasant during summer time.

Q. Can a person hear beauty in nature. How?

Ans. Yes, a person can hear beauty in nature during the night when there is tranquility around us. It can be heard during the rainfall, in the sound of the wind, gurgling of a flowing river and in the rustling of leaves. Beauty can also be heard when a singer is singing. It can be heard anywhere where things are done eagerly and seriously.

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