Bepin Choudhurys Lapse of Memory – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What would Bepin Choudhury do every Monday?

Ans. Every monday Bepin Choudhury would go to Kalicharan’s shop to buy books.

Q. How did Bepin try to decide whether he was right on Parimal Ghosh?

Ans. Bepin tried to decide whether he was right by confirming it from Dinesh Mukherjee, the person about whom Parimal Ghosh was talking about and later by going to Ranchi himself.

Q. How did Chunni use his imagination?

Ans. Chunni had a good power of imagination so he created the story of Bepin Babu’s visit to Ranchi which helped in the retribution of Bepin Babu’s behaviour.

Q. What all things did Parimal Ghosh tell Bepin Babu to remind him of his visit to Ranchi?

Ans. Parimal Ghosh told Bepin that he had been to Ranchi in 1958. He fell in Hudroo and cut his right knee. Next day he had to go to Netarhat but due to pain he couldn’t and he stayed at Dinesh Mukherjee’s bungalow.

Q. What does Chunni make Bepin realise through his letter?

Ans. Through his letter, Chunni made Bepin Babu realize that affluence of money had brought change in his life. He did not like to help his old friend who was having bad time. He had become a man of unfeeling behaviour.

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