Character Sketch of Alexander Mill (Lexy) in Candida

Alexander Mill is popularly called as Lexy. He is curate of Morell. He is proud of his education at Oxford.

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Proserpine makes him realise that like most young men, he lacks originality. He tries to imitate Morell.

Lexy worships Morell. He is full of devotion for him. It is his blind devotion for Morell that fails him to understand the true character of Morell despite being an educated man, whereas, a young boy of eighteen, Marchbanks, is able to do so.

He is fond of Candida for her beauty and her generosity. When Proserpine says a couple of things against Candida, he accuses Proserpine of being jealous of Candida.

Shaw has used the character of Lexy for three main purposes. First, generosity of Morell towards subordinates has been shown. Second, harshness of upper class towards low class and middle class people and employees has been presented through Burgess. Third, Shaw has used him as an instrument to criticise the present system of education which is developing a class of individuals who lack originality but are good at imitating successful people.

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