Character Sketch of Apu in ‘Pather Panchali’

Apu in this novel is presented mainly as the observer. In fact, the incidents of the novel about which we read, shape his character. As he is a young boy, he is seen very closely attached to his sister, Durga. Durga and Apu have a relationship that is typical of older sister and a younger brother. She teases him but is also affectionate to him. He ̳borrows‘ an item from her toy box and flees from her when she tries to recover it from him. They share simple joys together such as sitting under a tree, walking some distance through a grassy field to see a steam train as it passes by, running after the candy man who passes through ringing his bells, viewing pictures of great sights like Bombay harbour in a special viewing device carried by a travelling vendor, and watching a travelling acting troupe that has come to town. Thus, Apu is a lovable character that lingers long in the memory of the readers.

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