Character Sketch of Bank Cashier in Dry September

The Bank Cashier, a minor figure even though white, suggests male virility. He was Miss Minnie Cooper’s partner in the past when she would ‘ride upon the crest of the town’s social life’. His associations with changing female partners, car, money and affluence underscore a patriarchal culture which allows a man to celebrate his desirability and virility but which in a woman is seen as a vice, and reflective of her loose morality and easy availability. That the town is judgmental of Minnie’s actions, and has relegated her out of its memory is self- evident; perhaps a result of her flaunting her sexuality. But the same treatment is not reserved for the bank cashier who is no different from Minnie in capitalizing on his physical charms and privilege. Rather, he is still, even after so many years, welcome to the town and is a kind- of-celebrated figure even while Miss Minnie is languishing in her advancing years, and seems to be living a delusional life desirous of male attention.

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