Character Sketch of Caroline Sheppard in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Caroline Sheppard is Dr Sheppard’s elder sister and the biggest and most resourceful town gossip. No secrets remain hidden from her keen ears and eyes for long. Poirot uses her to get information for his investigation to solve the case. She has an amazing talent of scouring out information and according to her brother, the servants constitute her “Intelligence Corps”. She is as much of an expert in spreading information as gathering it. With a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue, she is Poirot’s character foil. Despite her intuition and guesses that turn out to be true, she doesn’t rise to Poirot’s level because she is more interested in sensational gossip. Her intuition and sense of truth are so strong that Sheppard lives in perpetual dread that she might catch his bluffs. Despite her rumour- mongering, she has a kind heart and hates to see anyone suffering. She is very protective of her younger brother. It is for her sake that Poirot doesn’t publicly announce Sheppard as the murderer.

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