Character Sketch of Creon in Oedipus Rex

Creon is the brother of Queen Jocasta. He is very faithful servant to the throne of Thebes. At the very beginning of the play, Creon is introduced to the audience. He had come to know the reason for the sufferings of the Theban people. It was because the murderer of the King Laius was living in Thebes. He was not punished for his crime. Creon was also a true friend and well-wisher of King Oedipus. He told Oedipus the circumstances in which King Laius was murdered.

When Teiresias announced that Oedipus was the murderer of Laius, Creon tried to understand the real circumstances. But Oedipus misunderstood Creon and blamed him. Yet Creon remained firm in his stand. His sister, Queen Jocasta had deep faith in him. She tried to put an end to the quarrel between Oedipus and Creon. At the end of the play, Creon is shown in the company of blind Oedipus. Here, he toldOedipus that he had come there not to blame him. On the contrary, he wanted Oedipus to meet his daughters so that he would get some comfort in their company. After the downfall of Oedipus, he became the King of Thebes. Yet he was a moderate and self-controlled man who is admired by all.

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