Character Sketch of Denver in Beloved

Denver is Sethe’s youngest daughter, born during Sethe’s flight to the North. She is eighteen years old and has had a very lonely existence; she has never ventured out of 124 by herself. She is bright and intelligent but can go to school only for a year. She stops going when a classmate questions her about Sethe’s murder. Denver and Sethe have a close bond, as they only have each other. Sethe has isolated herself and the neighbours avoid them after Baby Suggs’ death.

Denver is jealous of Paul D when he starts living at 124; not only jealous of the fact that Paul D shares a past with Sethe but also because he seems to have formed a romantic relationship with Sethe. This causes Denver to act rudely. When Beloved comes to 124, she forms a special bond with her; caring for her when she is recuperating and listening to her secrets. They are like real sisters. Even before Sethe realizes that Beloved is her daughter, Denver knows who she is. In the final chapters of the novel Denver fights, not only for her independence but also for her mother’s wellbeing, breaking the cycle of suffering and isolation at 124.

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