Character Sketch of Humpty Dumpty in ‘Through the Looking-Glass’

Humpty Dumpty a fictional character in nursery rhymes which came alive in Through the Looking-Glass novel. As Alice remarks Humpty Dumpty “is exactly like an egg” which Humpty Dumpty finds it provoking. Instead, he tells Alice that he is handsome and she is the weird one who has nothing remarkable of her own but a same face, eyes, nose and mouth in exactly the same place like everyone else. Humpty Dumpty comes across as rude and proud, he claims that he knows the meaning of all the words but when asked to explain the meaning of the poem “Jabberwocky” he begins explaining the first stanza but after that adds his own poem to it. Humpty Dumpty also mocks Alice for having a name without a meaning and like in the rhyme. As Alice walks away, he fell from the wall and all the King’s men and horses went to fix him but could put him back again.

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