Character Sketch of Jocasta in Oedipus Rex

Jocasta is an important character in the play ‘Oedipus Rex’. She is the Queen of Thebes. she plays an important role in the tragedy of Oedipus. She is skeptical about the prophets and their prophecies. It is seen that she does not believe in the prophesy of Teiresias. She tries to convince Oedipus that the prophecy regarding her former husband Laius has proved wrong. Therefore, Oedipus should also neglect the prophecy.

Jocasta helps Oedipus in the investigation of the murderer of Laius. It is because of her calling the messenger shepherd to the palace that discloses the mystery of Laius’ murder. She believes that chance plays an important role in human life. When she came to know about the truth of Laius’ murder, she tried to keep Oedipus away from it. She wanted that Oedipus should not suffer from knowing that he had married his own mother. At the end, she hanged herself in a fit of intense grief. Her tragic death is the result of a very terrible stroke of fate. But from a moral point of view, Jocasta is neither guilty nor innocent.

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