Character Sketch of John L in Dream Children

John L was the elder brother of Charles Lamb. As per Lamb’s presentation, his brother John was a handsome, high-spirited person. He was the favourite of their grandmother Ms. Field. On his visits to their grandmother’s place during holidays, John loved to go for horse riding to long distances and at times also used to join the group of hunters in their endeavours. John was a loving and responsible elder brother to Charles. He used to take care of Charles and carried him on his back at the time when Charles was lame – footed. He was a kind-hearted person who loved his siblings dearly. Though, during his later years, he himself became lame – footed and led the later part of his life in utter hopelessness, pain and irritation. The death of John came as a huge setback to Charles as he missed the love and presence of his elder brother in his life, and was left in complete shock to realize the wide gap between life and death.

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