Character Sketch of Juana in ‘The Pearl’

Juana is Kino’s wife who is a loving and devoted wife. Her character functions like the stabilizing force in Kino’s life. She is subservient, and has a great inner strength and determination.

Juana has a strong survival instinct and more pragmatic. For instance when the doctor refuses to treat the baby, Kino responds by ineffectually punching the gate; Juana puts a seaweed poultice on the baby’s shoulder. She responds with the same kind of direct action when she decides that the pearl is a threat to her family. She tries to throw it back in the sea.

Kino appears to be a romantic and Juana appears to be in tune with nature and more realistic. She is well aware of what will save her family. Unlike Kino, who dreams of a new life, Juana does not believe in pursuing the unattainable and impossible goals.

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