Character Sketch of Leon in The Man to Send Rain Clouds

Leon is the main protagonist of the story. He is an epitome of the new Native American embodiment, which the writer is keen to endorse. Throughout the story Leon maintains a calm head and adheres to his tradition by integrating with Christian culture. Through his pragmatic approach he is able to integrate Christian Culture and Pueblo traditions. He paints his dead grandfather’s face smilingly according to his Native American customs. He has complete faith in his traditions and believes that the spirit of his dead grandfather will bring rain. He is a man of few words and has a calm, strong sense of dignity. In a bid to perform the funeral as per his native traditions, he hides the news of his grandfather’s death from Father Paul. At home, he informs his family of Teofilo’s death with few words. Later he tells about Old Teofilo’s death to Father Paul and even persuades him to sprinkle holy water courtesy his chosen words and without any argument.

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