Character Sketch of Sarbojaya in ‘Pather Panchali’

Sarbojaya is Harihar‘s wife. However, her attitude towards life is different from that of her husband‘s. Harihar is basically an artist, who prefers to live in his imagination than in reality. On the contrary, Sarbojaya‘s focus is far more practical. Sarbojaya worries as she struggles to make ends meet. She is understandably careworn because she must bear all of the responsibility for the welfare of their two children, Durga and Apu, as well as an elderly aunt. She bears the brunt of unflattering gossip that blames her for Durga‘s propensity for stealing mangoes and guava from the neighbour‘s orchard. With too little food for her children, Sarbojaya resents having to share her home with the elderly and fragile aunt Indir. She blames aunt for spoiling Durga and encouraging her thefts of the fruits.

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