Character Sketch of White King in Through the Looking-Glass

The White King in the novel is supposed to be the most powerful of the chess pieces. He is also introduced quite early on in the novel. Although Alice is a pawn on his side, the White King does not interact with Alice much. Later on the White King is seen in his human size after the fall of Humpty Dumpty, he comes across as a man who takes things literally, When Alice says “I see nobody on the road “the King thinks ‘nobody’ is a person and says he wished he had an eyesight as sharp as Alice. Like a typical king, he is surrounded by his men and his messengers, Hatta and Haigha. The King is a rather interesting character, he is scared of the Unicorn and the Lion, two powerful characters and is amused that they are fighting for the crown which is his crown. The King is also a little slow as he admits himself that he cannot quite keep up with the movements of his wife because like all chess queens she moves very fast.

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