Childhood – NCERT Solutions

Q. Identify the stanza that talks of each of the following: Individuality, rationalism, hypocrisy.

Ans. The stanzas that talk of each of the quality in questions are given below:

  1. Individuality: Third stanza
  2. Rationalism: First stanza
  3. Hypocrisy: Second stanza

Q. What according to the poem, is involved in the process of growing up?

Ans. According to the poem, the loss of childhood is involved in the process of growing up. This loss is compensated by some gains which come with adolescence. These are: increase in understanding, power of rationalising and discrimination as well as a sense of individuality and self-confidence.

Q. What are the poet’s feelings towards childhood?

Ans. The poet regards childhood as an important stage in the process of growing up. Childhood is a period of make-believe. Children readily accept whatever the elders say. The poet does not feel any regret or sense of loss on losing his childhood.

Q. Which, do you think are the most poetic lines? Why?

Ans. The following lines in the poem are most poetic:

It went to some forgotten place
That’s hidden in an infant’s face,
That’s all I know.

These lines beautifully sum up the process of growth and the disappearance of a particular stage of life. These lines have a figurative or metaphorical meaning also. The infant’s innocent face hides many things behind its smiles. Perhaps the childhood lies hidden in some forgotten place lying buried deep inside a child’s consciousness.

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