Chivvy – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. 1 What do the grown ups say when the children don’t speak?

Ans. When children don’t speak, grown ups tell them to speak up.

Q. What is the child told when he speaks loudly?

Ans. When a child speaks loudly, the child is told to make less noise and not to speak with his mouth full.

Q. What do the grown ups want the children to keep with them?

Ans. The children should keep a hanky with them always.

Q. Do grown ups want to be interrupted when they are talking?

Ans. No, the grown ups want that the child should not interrupt them when they are talking.

Q. Do the grown ups want the child to think anything on his own?

Ans. Yes, they want children to think independently though they teach them manners also.

Q. What was the child’s name?

Ans. The child’s name was Michael.

Q. The children do not like the behaviour of grown-ups. Why?

Ans. The children do not like the behaviour of the grown-ups because they want that the children should learn good manners, what they teach to them quickly. Therefore, the children do not like the behaviour of the grown-ups.

Q. The two things grown-ups say.

Ans. The two things grown ups say are: Not to talk with mouth full. Not to point fingers at anyone.

Q. What methods should the grown-ups adopt with the children?

Ans. It is very hard to handle children. So the grown-ups should be very tactful and careful in dealing with the children. They should not show rudeness towards them. They should instruct the children in a soft and mild tone, their ways should be polite and pleasant, so that the children may feel comfortable with them.

Q. What is the opinion of grown-ups normally if child speaks loudly?

Ans. If the child speaks loudly, it irritates the grown-ups. They feel disturbed. Normally, they ask the child not to talk when his mouth is full of food.

Q. When the adults give too many instructions to their children, how do they react?

Ans. When the adults give too many instructions to their children, they do not care about the interest of the children and kill their children’s spontaneity and willingness to use their mind to understand life. In fact, these instructions destroy their innocence. Thus, the elders make their children dependent on them.

Q. Justify the aptness of the poem ‘Chivvy’.

Ans. ‘Chivvy’ is a word which means to ask somebody repeatedly to do something but the tone, generally, is an angry tone. The poem is full of instructions given by the grown-ups to the children as to what they should do and what they should not do, with regards to their behaviour. So, the title of the poem is quite apt and justified.

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