60+ Examples of Collective Nouns in Sentences

Collective nouns are naming words used for group of animals, things, person and places taken together as unit. Examples: army, herd, fleet, bunch.

Following are some of the most commonly used examples of collective nouns in sentences:

Anthology – He has bought an anthology of Indian poetry.

Army – An army of photographers were outside his home.

Array – He saw an array of hedgehogs in the field.

Audience – The audience was delighted with the performance.

Band – The band is likely to perform in London next week.

Batch – We are hiring another batch of workers.

Bevy – They saw a bevy of swans.

Bouquet – She kept a bouquet of flowers on the table.

Brood – We’re taking the whole brood to the movies tonight.

Bunch – He ate a full bunch of grapes.

Bundle – He had a thick bundle of envelopes under his arm.

Cabinet – The Cabinet will meet on Thursday.

Case – He bought a case of wine for his birthday.

Choir – Mary sings in the church choir.

Class – He will be teaching English class next semester.

Cloud – Due to heavy rainfall, a cloud of grasshoppers has descended on the city.

Clump – There is a clump of bushes at the edge of the field

Cluster -He was peeping out through the clusters of leaves.

Colony – The colony of ants worked together.

Committee – The finance committee controls the budget.

Company – The company of actors was working at the theater.

Congregation – Large congregations of birds may cause public harm.

Corporation – The corporation is holding its annual meeting

Council – The city council is responsible for keeping the streets clean.

Crew – He is a member of our camera crew.

Crowd – A huge crowd attended the concert.

Deck – He bought a new deck of cards.

Drove – The wind passes through a bamboo grove.

Family – He comes from a large family.

Fleet – The fleet came under attack by enemy aircraft.

Flight – He saw a flight of geese.

Flock – A flock of sheep was approaching.

Gaggle – I saw a gaggle of geese in the park.

Galaxy – The four musicians have played with a galaxy of stars.

Gang – The gang drove off, with the police in hot pursuit.

Group – A small group of children waited outside the school.

Heap – He raked up all the fallen leaves into a heap.

Herd – A herd of elephants crossed the road.

Jury – The jury delivered a verdict of not guilty.

Litter – I saw a litter of five kittens.

Mob – There was an angry mob outside the court house.

Pack – A pack of journalists was waiting outside the court.

Pair – I can’t find a matching pair of socks.

Pile – He has a pile of dirty clothes in his room

Posse – He was pursued by a posse of reporters.

Ream – Can you order a ream of printer paper?

Regiment – The regiments were stationed in the city.

School – They saw a school of dolphins.

Senate -The senate has the power to veto laws passed by the lower house.

Set – He was given a set of cutlery as a wedding present.

Sheaf – He was carrying a whole sheaf of papers.

Shoal – They saw shoals of tiny fish darting around.

Skein – He saw a skein of geese in flight.

Society – The judge described him as a danger to society.

Squad – A bomb squad arrived to defuse the bomb.

Stack – Stack of chairs were kept in the corner.

Staff – There is a good relationship between staff and pupils at the school.

String – She wore a string of priceless pearls.

Swarm – The dead animal was covered with swarms of flies.

Team – Our team came third in the competition.

Tribe – The wedding joined the two tribes together.

Troop – A troop of musicians.

Troupe – She joined a dance troupe and travelled all over the world

Wad – He pulled out a wad of hundred-dollar bills.

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