Common Nouns and Proper Nouns – Exercises for Class 3

Common Noun are names we give in general to persons, places, animals, or things of the same kind.

Proper Noun are names we give to specific persons, places, animals, or things. Proper nouns always begin with capital letters.

Q. Common Noun or Proper Noun.

  1. aeroplane
  2. Reema
  3. Taj Mahal
  4. Bruno
  5. telephone
  6. tiger
  7. Japan
  8. April
  9. mobile
  10. Saturday


  1. aeroplane (Common noun)
  2. Reema (Proper Noun)
  3. Taj Mahal (Proper Noun)
  4. Bruno (Proper Noun)
  5. telephone (Common noun)
  6. tiger (Common noun)
  7. Japan (Proper Noun)
  8. April (Proper Noun)
  9. mobile (Common noun)
  10. Saturday (Proper Noun)

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