Common Nouns and Proper Nouns – Exercises for Class 4

Common nouns are the names given to things, places, or people which are of same kind. Example: boy, girl, river, table.

Proper nouns are the names of particular persons, places, animals, or things. Proper nouns are always written in capital letters. Examples: John, Mary, New York.


Q. Match the common nouns with proper nouns.

1. man
2. woman
3. city
4. language
1. London
2. Spanish
3. George
4. Emma


  1. man – George
  2. woman – Emma
  3. city – London
  4. language – Spanish

Q. Find the common noun and proper noun in the following sentences.

  1. Oliver is a good boy.
  2. Arabian Nights is a popular book.
  3. The name of my school is Saint Paul School.
  4. The players are playing football on the field.
  5. New York is a modern city.


  1. Common noun: boy Proper noun: Oliver
  2. Common noun: book Proper noun: Arabian nights
  3. Common noun: school Proper noun: Saint Paul School
  4. Common noun: players, football Proper noun:
  5. Common noun: city Proper noun: New York

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