100 Common Noun Examples in Sentences

Common nouns are the names given to things, animals, places, or people which are of the same king. Here’s a list of most commonly used common nouns in English language for students with example sentences.

Actor – He is an actor.

Air – He likes fresh air.

Area – He knows this area pretty well.

Baby – The baby was asleep in her cradle.

Bear – He is afraid of bears.

Bird – I like watching birds.

Body – You should take care of your body.

Book – He is in love with books.

Boots – He bought new boots.

Boy – He is the tallest boy in our class.

Car – He has two cars.

Cat – I don’t like cats.

Child – Whose child is that?

City – He lives in the city?

Clock – The clock struck four.

Company – He works in a company.

Computer – How many computers do you have?

Continent – There are seven continents in the world.

Country – It is a beautiful country.

Day – How was your day?

Doctor – Her mother is a doctor.

Dog – He was bitten by a dog.

Door – You left the door open.

Ear – She whispered in my ear.

Education – He received her education at private schools.

Envy – I don’t envy you.

Eye – He has got an infection in his eye.

Face – She was red in the face and perspiring profusely.

Fact – What is the most commonly known fact about tigers?

Family – He loves his family.

Father – He father has gone on a world tour.

Force – He used brute force to open the door.

Friend – He invited all his friends to the party.

Game – I don’t like playing games.

Girl – I haven’t got the time to meet girls.

Glass – He broke the glass.

Grandmother – I love my grandmother.

Group – A group of boys were frolicking around.

Hate – He hates everyone.

Head – He has was hit on the head by a ball.

Health – His health has deteriorated very quickly.

History – He loves reading history books.

Home – He went home to get some rest.

Information – She was able to give important information about her kidnapper.

Job – They offered him the job but he turned it down.

Jeans – He bought a new pair of jeans.

Kid – The kid is asleep.

Leaf – A fallen leaf floated on the surface of the water.

Letter – He wrote a letter to his mother.

Life – The meaning of life is that which we choose to give it.

LionLions are found throughout the country.

Lot – It’s just one lot of rich people stealing from another.

Love – He fell in love with her the first time he met her.

Man – He looked like a rich man.

Moment – He was silent for a moment before replying.

Money – He counted the money before putting it in his wallet.

Month – It was extended for six more months.

Morning – I’ve got a meeting this morning.

Mother – He lives with his mother.

Movie – He has gone to watch a movie.

Mug – You broke my favorite mug.

Name – What is your name?

Night – It was a moonless night.

Number – She picked up the phone and dialed his number.

Office – He has gone to office.

Parent – He lives with his parents.

Park – There is a beautiful park in the city.

Party – Are you going to the party?

Pencil – He broke his pencil.

People – How many people died?

Person – He’s a good person.

Place – Is this a safe place?

Pride – He takes pride in whatever he does.

Question – Did you ask him any questions?

Research – A lot of research has been done on this.

Restaurant – I will meet him in the restaurant.

Result – The result is likely to be announced tomorrow.

River – The girl crossed the river.

Room – I am going to my room.

School – He goes to school.

Service – The service wasn’t up to mark.

Shop – He thinking of buying that shop.

State – We donn’t live in the same state.

Story – It is a long story.

Student – He is a good student.

Study – I’m going to study.

Teacher – He is my favorite teacher.

Team – What team do you play for?

Teenager – He isn’t a teenager anymore.

Tiger – He was mauled to death by a tiger.

Truck – He has bought a new truck.

Toy – He is playing with toys.

Voice – I recognized your voice at once.

Water – We should try save as much water as we can.

Wolf – I have never seen a wolf.

Woman – She’s a tough woman.

Work – He has got a lot of work to do.

World – He has traveled around the world.

Year – I am going abroad next year.

Zoo – A new zoo is opening in the city.

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