Complaint Letter for Chaotic Conditions in Casualty Ward

You carried a hit and run accident victim to a local hospital. You were shocked to see that in its casualty ward the conditions were chaotic. The patient was attended to after a lot of precious time was lost. You are Deepak/Deepa, A-114 Roop Nagar, Delhi. Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital.

A – 114,
Roop Nagar

March 1, 20xx

The Chief Medical Officer
Good Health Hospital

Sub: Chaotic conditions in casualty ward


Yesterday, I was shocked to see the real state of one of the most prestigious hospitals ‘Good Health Hospital’ in the Delhi. Delhi is known as the heart of our country. However, I witnessed heartless behaviour of our second ‘Gods’, i.e. the doctors.

It happened so that I went to the hospital, taking with me a victim of a ‘hit and run’ accident case. I pleaded with the doctors in the casualty department to attend to him on an urgent basis, as he was bleeding profusely. However, the doctors did not pay any heed to my hand folded requests. Instead of offering a helping hand to him, they preferred that the case should be first attended by the police. Moreover, I was asked to submit a handsome amount at the counter in order to get him admitted to the hospital. I was absolutely in a fix because the victim was not my acquaintance. I tried to help him just out of a sense of humanity.

Fortunately, one of my friends, who is an advocate, came there. He asked the doctors to start the treatment immediately and warned that as per the law, the case would go against them if they showed any negligence or waited for police enquiry. Only then, the injured was attended to, but till then a lot of precious time had been lost.

I hope, that you will look into this matter yourself so that such dreadful negligence that may defame this noble profession, may not take place in future.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

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