Complaint Letter for Hotel Stay Refund

You are Amit Kapoor, resident of 43/9, Shyam Enclave, Delhi. You visited Manali with your family during the summer vacation. You had two double suites at Lake View resort. Your stay at the hotel fell far short of the description in the brochure. Write a letter of complaint to the Customer Service Department to refund for your hotel stay.

43/9, Shyam Enclave

12th August, 2019

Customer Service Department
Lake View Resort

Sub: Complaint about the double suites

Ref. No: Holiday reference Number BM 3278 M


I had booked two double suites of rooms, 111 and 112, at your resort for a week from 10.07.2019 to 16.07.2019 for me and my family. My central complaint is that the hotel fell far short of the description in the brochure. Although the rooms were billed as four-star accommodation, they were cramped, and the furnishings were wornout and dirty. The hotel grounds, described in the brochure as “Pleasant, tranquil, and spacious”, were in fact next to a busy main road. The swimming pool was closed for repairs.

I registered a formal complaint with the front office detailing these issues. I feel that we are due to full refund for this hotel stay as it failed to meet our expectations and ruined our holiday. Looking forward for a prompt reply.

Yours faithfully
Amit Kapoor

Encl: Copy of the bill
Photographs for evidence

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