Complaint Letter for Insanitary Conditions in Colony

Due to insanitary conditions in the colony, the population of rodents has been multiplying exposing the residents to multiple diseases. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner bringing the problem to his notice and urging him to take urgent action in the matter. You are Suraj/Supriya, 12, M.G. Road, Chennai.

12, M. G. Road

2 March, 20xx

The Municipal Commissioner

Subject: Insanitary Conditions in Colony


I wish to draw your attention towards the insanitary conditions in and around our colony, which has lead to the population explosion of rodents causing multiple diseases.

They come in to the house through the drain pipes and create nuisance by continuously harming the property, leaving their excreta here and there and sometimes even by giving birth inside the house.

Some residents have also complained about being bitten by a rodent at night, which has instilled fear of rabies and plague in others.

The local department of the Municipal Corporation has not taken the case seriously. It is the sheer negligence of the corporation that despite several requests to clean the sewers, no action has been taken regarding the same.

There is an urgent need to sanitise the sewers and control the rodent population so that the residents do not have to live in constant fear of an epidemic.

Hoping for an immediate action.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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