Complaint Letter for Insanitary Conditions Prevailing in Locality

Write a letter to the Health Officer complaining about the insanitary conditions prevailing in your locality.

7/13, Shakti Nagar

27 20th September, 20XX

The Health Officer
Delhi Municipal Corporation

Subject: Insanitary conditions in locality


Through this letter of mine I would like to draw your kind attention to the insanitary condition of our Street No. 5, Shakti Nagar, Delhi-27.

There are pits at every step in the street. They become pools of dirty water during the rainy season. The mosquitoes breed on these and spread malaria. The sweepers and the water carriers neglect their duty for many days. Heaps of dust and rubbish lie scattered in the streets. The foul smell makes it impossible for anyone to pass through the lanes. There is no wonder if some epidemic breaks out.

You are requested to initiate measures as early as possible in order to improve the sanitary conditions.

Yours truly
J. L. Gandhi

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