Complaint Letter for Loss of Suitcase in Train

Write a letter to the Station Master, Anand, informing him about the loss of your suitcase which you realised only on alighting at Anand. You travelled by Navjivan Express from Chennai to Anand. You are Priya/Prasad of 12, Kasturi Bai Street, Chennai.

12, Kasturi Bai Street

5 March, 20××

The Station Master

Subject: Loss of Suitcase in Navjivan Express


This is to inform you that I lost my suitcase while travelling by Navjivan Express from Chennai to Anand. I boarded the train on March 4, 20××. My compartment no. is S-7, berth no. 10 and seat no. 52.

It is a standard sized blue V.I.P. trolley suitcase with a wavy design on it. My name is written on the tag attached to the handle along with an Air India tag. It also has a prominent black mark on the back side.

The suitcase was properly locked and chained. I was in the train the whole night, knowing that the compartment incharge was supervising. However, only on alighting at Anand I realised that my suitcase was missing.

The suitcase contains medical equipments urgently required for my mother’s treatment and few other valuables. Please treat this letter as priority case and act accordingly. If found, kindly return it to:

Priya Singh
12, Kasturi Bai Street
Chennai 500020
Contact No.: 98180111××

I hope that there will be no delay in finding my suitcase.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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