Complaint Letter for Poor Picture Quality of Television

You are Drishti of Jaipur. You have recently purchased an L.G. Television from S. K. Electronics, Nehru Bazar, Jaipur, but the picture quality is not good. Write a letter of complaint asking them to exchange it.

XYZ street

20th September, 20XX

The Sales Manager
S. K. Electronics
Nehru Bazaar

Subject: Request to Exchange Television


This is to bring to your kind notice that on 10th September 20XX, I bought an L.G. television from your shop but I regret to inform you that it is not working properly. The colours, even after setting, are not proper and the sound quality is also not upto the mark. The Receipt No. is XY3579. As the T.V. is under warranty, kindly exchange it at the earliest.

In anticipation of quick response.

Yours truly

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